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    Just tried Twinmotion with FZ 9.1. No problems with the 9.1 upgrade. Very easy install of the FZ plug-ins for Twinmotion. The exports are very quick and effortless however some texture maps do not come over accurately. Had a couple that did not export or exported as a different material and a couple that exported as glossy when that is not the case when rendered as smooth shaded or in V-Ray. Install of Twinmotion and Unreal Engine required a few tries but after that it is a very short learning curve. Adding landscape is fantastic and adds much to the image quality. Wish their vegetation library was available in FZ. Tried 2 different architectural models (.fmz) with detailed interiors and furniture one at 37Mb and one at 351 Mb
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    First Project with Twinmotion

    This is my first project using FormZ to Twinmotion. It was done on an iMac 2020 with 4GB of video ram, so if I get a machine with a bigger & better video card I should get better quality. Sorry the buildings (boxes) are not architecturally award winning..😁 BaldonnellUnitCDE-low
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    First Project with Twinmotion

    Thanks John! I was actually quite pleased with how easy it is to bring the FormZ model into TM. I exported the model in parts to make it easier when there were design changes. For example, I had layer groups in Fz for each building, the site, street lighting etc. So when I had to make a change to a building I just exported it to overwrite the asset and refreshed the import which means the rest of the model stays as it was in TM. Also I had used Maxwell for the stills but when I needed to go to TM I obviously had to place the trees again so I created a layer in Fz with small cubes where the trees were (Maxwell mxs references) and exported that into TM. Then I could place the trees in their proper places and turn off the tree placement cubes later. Here are a couple of the Maxwell stills..