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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    As an update on my email to Jones, Partners: Architecture, Steve, the contact on their formZ gallery page, responded to my email today. He did not specifically respond to my asking if they might consider posting new content to the gallery, he noted they are working on publishing a new monograph so I assume that’s the priority. I asked him about the highly detailed elevations on their site which include nice shading, I suggested that they were projections from a modeling application. He said they are actually 2D drawings done with PowerCADD then noted that it is helpful to have the detailed formZ models as a guide. So, assuming that all the perspectives on the Jones, Partners: Architecture site were done with formZ, perhaps it would be helpful to help promote formZ by posting a list of firms that use the software, I know at one time Ilexsoft did that for HighDesign. This could be tied in to my suggestion for a featured artist section on the gallery.