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    Thanks for the nice comments all! It has been a long dream of mine to abolish horrible CG knees, and also weightless looking characters. There is NO morphing here. The outer fat/skin is a closed mesh with an inner and outer layer driven only by the FEM solved muscles, and those by the bones. I can feed any animation onto the simple bone rig and the sim leg will perform the skin under gravity. My mind is awash with possibilities. Here is a big update, fun for the long week-end--the animation: https://johnalexander2020.artstation.com/projects/qA4qGz This was modeled in form.Z with subdivisions before converted to facetted and then exported to the FEM solver. There would still be another layer on this where uv'd skin mesh with high frequency detail is "wrapped" to the fat layer you can see in the animation and renders. There are 86 digital attachments of muscle to bone or muscle to muscle or muscle to ligament I set up via vertex selection. There were SO many little values that are dialed in, I am the mad scientist. But this is getting closer, except for extreme folding behind the knee, which I will develop better moving forward. Cheers!
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    form•Z Tips and Tricks updated

    We have updated the form•Z Tips and Tricks on the form•Z website (Support->Tips and Tricks). Now searchable and easier to navigate! http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/manuals/TnT/index.htm#t=Front_Page.htm
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    Andrew West

    Example Images

    Indeed it does. But with a little bit of work this is the end result. There were dozens of color tweaks and some dodge and burn which were made pretty easy by isolating those materials.