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    Bend along path tool

    Hi Chris, I'm doing the whole spacesuit life sized. I'm not really making a costume... I'm attempting to replicate a movie costume. (Oh sure, I'm going to wear it at least once. Ha!) Here are the chest pack and backpack models and an initial print of the helmet. It needs finishing. Sanding and painting. Then I have to attempt to shape some clear 2mm plexiglass for the visor. It's going to work. I've been planning to make the helmet for 50 years. Since I first saw the movie. -Craig
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    Bend along path tool

    Hi Chris, When I bend your twisted and joined wires, it works and the cables all stay 'nested' or wrapped in place, and they don't overlap into the same space. Perfect! They lose color, but if I separate them, i can color them and regroup. This is a win for me today. Thanks again for helping me. I hope I can do something good for you someday. I've attached a image of a model I just finished. I'm 3d printing it now. Sincerely, -Craig
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    Those techniques sound like an easy way to start over, if that's what I have to do... Thanks! If it turns out I need to recreate from scratch, at the least, I'd like to be able to list the shortcuts saved in that file so I dont have to remember everything cold. I had so many years of muscle memory of my shortcuts that contributed to my modelling speed... Yes, I started working in 3D in Microstation, AutoCAD, 3DStudio, Architrion, ArchiCAD, Strata3D, FZ, and a few others as early as 1989. Was a beta tester for FZ for years, then an alpha and beta tester for Maxwell Render.
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    Bend along path tool

    Hi Chris, Just so you won't think i'm crazy, here's a couple of images with the cabling I've made over and over again.