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    ¢hris £und

    MIMI updated :: Sort of

    As it currently Stands, no. The new API is based on python, not FSL, which is what MIMI is written in. ADS is working on real easing the new API and documentation. Once I have the documentation, I will get to work on it. While I have been able to figure some things out without the documentation, not totally. As, everything figured so far is from their examples. Am also wondering at this point, to what the changes are in the C/C++ API are. from what I can see, 9 doesn’t load 8.5.6 plugins either. Which is interesting. Could be something simple, and not significant. Can’t help but wonder though. thanks for the props on MIMI, it is appreciated. I do intend on making it more useful as well. Such as, setting a base material so that all imported maps share its settings but the map itself. Other shaders, not just renderzone. Open to suggestions as well. cheers! €£