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    formZ models exchange site!

    Hello There are some good and some bad news for you. The good one: from now and on you can share your models on paid basis. So anyone of you who will share his/her/it`s models will get paid as soon as model will be bought. The bad one: from now and on models are distributed on paid basis. This drastic step is being made to stimulate to share the ones who did not want to do it for free. Pricing Pricing is more than moderate for the moment yet anyone could claim his/her/it`s/their price for the model shared. Anyway you will get 70% of retail price of model sold via this site. Models All models will be provided with textures. All of them checked and well formed. Thinking of this I will keep my fingers crossed to see you among forms.xyz members. Best regards, Anton Voloshin.
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    Our main workflow is bringing things into Maya for rendering in V-Ray/Arnold/Renderman. The projects I work on have VFX production values so we require very high quality geometry and using IfcOpen helps us manage the 'rats nest' geometry often associated with BIM exports. I highlighted it to Tech because I think it could be relatively easy for AutoDesSys to develop a plugin that would import with no tessellation requirements at all, seeing as IFC is a derivative of STEP. Even without an AutoDesSys specific solution the plugin for Blender offers lots of options for cleaning up the geometry first and managing material mappings and such like (and with Blender also being free, it's a great option to have).