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    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    I'm copying and pasting from a similar discussion from 2016. That's how long I've been asking 🙂 Current 2019 comments are in bold. I'm sure I could add in new "wants" to make it a full top 10 list, but there's no need cluttering up what is important with extra wishes that are not immediate priorities. **1. Reinstate the "relative" option for the extend line tool. I'm fervently trying to migrate completely to V8+ but this feature (among a few others) has me going back to 6.7. (PLEASE!!! This, and "hidden line" are the only two things left that are hamstringing me and forcing me to hold on to V6.7) 2. It would be nice if there were a way to change a material parameter on multiple materials at once. example: You have 39 objects with different materials assigned them. you want all those materials to be chrome, or constant, or wood, right now you have to spend 20 minutes opening each material and adjusting the parameters. 5. Give us a more user friendly sweep tool! (This one is a frustrater! 3 out of 10 times I do a sweep does it actually sweep properly. There has been times I have wasted 45 minutes clicking through all the options in the tool pallet trying to get an object to sweep right and I realize the fix was a 30 second open V6 run the sweep, open the new model in V8+ and paste it. Bring back the user friendly sweep of yesteryear and maybe enhance any of its weaknesses but please make it work 100 percent of the time again) 6. keep v6.7 alive and well for those of us who toggle back and forth. Both the old and the new versions seem to have strengths. If v6.7 ever goes away then you reduce the capabilities that are available.... or make sure all the features from early versions are included in the new. Maybe a new packaging and marketing re-release "Form-Z retro! the tools you loved and relied on as a kid" 🙂 (Thank you for doing this FZ. It really helped. There was a time when FZ 6.7 wouldn't run on later operating systems and it had me backed into a corner. Keep FZ 6.7 and the tools I relied on for production or upgrade my OS so I could run Quick Books and bill clients. It was getting close to me going out and buying budget log note pads to do my books)
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    Justin Montoya

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    A better color picker, especially for Windows users!