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    Alan Cooper

    Weird component behaviour

    In my experience, components work well as a library and can even be organised at file system level. In FormZ I first make a group of what I am making a component of. When bringing a component into a file, I explode it to leave as a group which is a safer situation. Agree with AHTOH too risky to use components active in a model in case unexpected changes occur. By the way, I only very occasionally get crashes in FormZ but that is because I work in a routine to get my work done which doesn't use all its features, and you do learn to predict what is risky to the stability of the program, and 'save as' before taking a risk. Persevere because FormZ has a lot to offer and you can get work done more quickly with it than many other programs, if used carefully.
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    formZ 9

    of course late summer does not leave very long for a public beta.