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    opening old files

    We made some improvements in v8.6 to support opening of older files without needing to go back to the older versions!
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    Now that I have made several attempts to use the V-Ray plugin with Form.Z successfully, I'm still a bit disillusioned: There are too many settings, the light and the surfaces don't come (or only by chance) as intended. If I am looking for instructions on the internet, the tutorials are mostly based on other programs, such as SketchUp or the native V-Ray program. But the settings within Form.Z seem to be very different to me - or don't work properly... Does anyone know of a tutorial on YouTube that explains the processes in interior design? Or could someone even create one (autodessys ?). Could someone at least share or upload a Form.Z sample scene that contains the most important camera, material, environment and lighting settings? Thank you very much! Attached are some renders, that illustrate my skills so far:
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    Does Form•Z Tech monitor this forum?

    We do monitor the forum. Frankly we have been a bit “heads down" on v9 so our apologies if we are not always quick to respond lately. We will will try to do better. Having said that the forum is mostly intended as a place for discussion of ideas, experiences in a sharing community. If you need technical support please email us at support@formz.com. Every support email is assigned a ticket number that gives us a much better way to track issues and respond to your questions and resolve problems.
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    here an update about my work flow: about making sections. Yesterday I spend all day to find a way how to produce 2D output with 2D Layout WIP in combination with all other programs I can use in my office, such as Vectorworks 2014, AutoCAD 2017, Indesign, Affinity Designer. I couldn't find a way to get any result. But... as I described above, I continued working on that workflow related to a more architectural project with higher complexity. Using the section tool in the 3D model and copy the 2D section into another 3D model (with or without layer override options) works fine and rock solid. It is easy to add some more details, or other objects with shaded filling, layers, add dimensions etc. All of it took only little time. The benefit is override layer options. Think about what you can do with this... Let's say make a texture instead of a hatch. If you communicate with other company's they do not really need millions of hatch lines. So that's not important. They do want the main objects. And because 3D model work with good geometry, thats handy. Now, crucial in the workflow I am talking about is printing output. I found out I could print to a PDF on scale! All materials nicely shown in the section, because actually the geometry is exactly as it is modelled in a 3D model, although it is now 2D. What ADS could do is add a little more options about printing output, such as layered PDF, viewports like we can use with the Renderzone rendering. I believe the solution of all problems with 2D layout module could be just using the 3D modeller, in any way. If I find some time I will make a movie about this workflow. Or If anyone is interested to develop this workflow with me, let me know. At least for this moment... it works.