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    Some maxwell material and grass tests

    Final render: Andrea
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    Please fix components with v9! It is really a necessary feature and even the most basic components crash the program every time I try to use them. I know this has been said many times over, but I will say it again. I had a long hiatus of not using FormZ and now that I'm back in it I find this very frustrating.
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    Live recording option

    Procreate for the iPad has this incredible feature where it records every action and turns that into a video. That feature would be incredible for FormZ. We could share the creation of our work very easily. I know I can do a screen capture, but what I imagine is a video without any of the visual tools evident. So no mouse pointer, hands, view spinner, etc...Just the "live" modeling process. Since "sharing" is the new medium of communication these days. Just a thought.
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    Andrew West

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    The native format for Form.z materials for V-ray is VRMAT. However, I have been able to download VISMAT materials from various sites and then open them in the material editor. Then I save them as VRMAT so that I can use them. I have not been able to use any other formats.