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    7. Improved memory capacity for drawings with lots of imported images. Addition of transparency for images. 8. Option to automatically import both a scaled vector Hidden Line drawing and an internally generated Full Shaded image, cropped and aligned with the Hidden Line in one step. Ability to edit generated images in external image software and have the image update upon save, as is now possible in the Modeler with Texture Maps In Materials. I'm including a simple sample sheet which shows how I typically set up drawings. Here is a link to the V6 file: https://we.tl/t-eNLZQwxCPQ
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    Justin Montoya

    what does keep textures even do??

    'Keep Textures' needs to be taken out to the pasture and 'retire'... It's trying to copy a silly SketchUp like function where all your texture maps are stored inside your .FMZ file. This is really awful as soon as you add any decent sized modern map, and will cause issues ranging from missing maps to general slowness and sluggishness of the project. I really wish FormZ would stop including it, or at very least do not have it enabled by default. It was a bad idea to copy and implement in v7 and is a bad idea to use in practice unless you are using only very basic geometry and low resolution maps. Disable it and also move the 'File Optimization' slider all the way to the left 'Open Fast' which also means 'Save Fast', and you'll find a much faster saving and working FormZ since its not trying to use unnecessary compression that makes no sense in 2019 when GB are cheap. Learning 3D initially in other programs like Rhino, taught me to always create a set of 'Project' folders with all of my various maps, and renderings, SEPARATE from my FormZ file. This makes exporting, editing, sharing, etc those files much easier when the time comes. Save A Copy As... is great for collecting maps you pasted with objects from other projects or overwriting your textures in your maps folder, but can lose maps if they are using the silly 'Keep Textures' option. SNOW, I believe this is your problem as you have 'Keep Textures' enabled. Try creating a new project with Keep Textures turned off. Then Copy and Paste everything from your old file into this new file. Now Save a Copy As ...with Referenced Maps enabled. That may help you to automatically gather and relink all your textures! If that still doesn't work, you can also try using the 'Recreate Missing Textures' under the File>Project Info>Linked Files. And Finally, you can try and add a Folder directory where FormZ will search for the texture files. Edit>Preferences>File Search Paths Use the + button, and pick your project folder (or higher) where the texture maps should be located. Enable Search Nested Folders, Full Search if you are using a fast SSD, that way the slowness will be mostly unnoticeable. If you are using an old 'normal' platter disc hard drive, You may not want to enable this, as it can take a while to crawl through all your folders depending on where you picked for your start path. Hope this helps someone!
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    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Here is the list of changes. Mostly stability improvements. http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/whats_new.html
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    the instant alternative to hidden line

    We definitively need Hidden Line rendering as we export the result as 2D drawing into Autocad. However, two main concerns about this: - Before FZ 7, we were able to export into Autocad at right scale, using the 2D drawing module (copy from 3D modeler and paste to 2D module and then export in DWG). It is nearly impossible now... - Hidden Line produce a lot of duplicate lines that we need to erase manualy in Autocad - a nightmare! Can we expect some improvement in FZ 9?
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    SDK History

    The SDK has been available since v6 as both a C(/C++) interface and an FSL (form•Z script language) interface. With v9 we are introducing Python support. This simplifies and standardizes the scriptable interface for form•Z making extending form•Z easier and opening an channel to a wealth of existing python libraries that offer a variety of functionality. The C interface will still be supported in v9, but we expect the to be used primarily for existing plugins or development that needs to access external C libraries. FSL will be discontinues. We expect that the Python interface will bring new interest in extensions and to the LAB project which has not been updated in a while. We expect to start beta testing towards the end of next month so stay tuned!
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    Please fix components with v9! It is really a necessary feature and even the most basic components crash the program every time I try to use them. I know this has been said many times over, but I will say it again. I had a long hiatus of not using FormZ and now that I'm back in it I find this very frustrating.
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    Paste replaces selected object. I realize this is a tradition in formz, but it causes me to lose more time than just about anything. The reason is that it is very easy to inadvertently select an object, move the scene so that it is out of view, and then paste an object I want to paste. Then later I notice that some object I've modeled is not longer there. Happens to me a lot. In my opinion, this behavior should be a simple preference that can be on or off. Thanks, Donald
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    Rendering Time

    Justin, If I had a dollar for every time you talked trash about Apple/Mac hardware on this forum I'd be able to treat myself to a nice steak dinner 😂 No hard feelings, your input is always informative and welcomed by all of us formZers. But yes, flakie, if you posted your file or some screenshots of your settings we should be able to better assist you.
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    Wood robot '50 years

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    Drafting and more

    Hey JL! Yup, I too am looking forward to a new/revised Draft module in FZ and similar to you I am still using V6 in combination with Plylon's Plug-ins - Kudos Ben! I am now generating my HL drawings in V8 because it is much faster and cleaner, although the export is not to scale and requires an extra step to resize, which is a bummer. I know that ADS is open to and interested in hearing about users ideas so please do post or write to them with suggestions. I have been busy lately, but soon I will begin documenting my current workflow from Model to Construction Documents and I will include pros and cons to this workflow and I will have suggestions for how the Draft Module could be augmented and modified to be faster, more efficient, and more flexible. Perhaps a new thread in the forum would be useful for discussion. Actually I will start one now.....
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    The formz change I would most like to see.

    I use the current behavior as a tool, to replace objects, I select them prior to the paste, to add objects, I deselect everything prior to the paste. Works great. If a new paste option is added, please insure that it does not conflict with the current implementation of standard key shortcuts.
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    2 Path Sweep

    Skinning the cat another way, cheated by reconstructing the multiple curves into a single nurbz curve and then blending them to form the radius fill; but the end result is very similar and is a clean solid. Untitled1.fmz.zip
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    Love the new forum

    "Drag and Drop" Pretty much describes me when I get home everyday...
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    Chris lund

    SDK History

    My current professional situation has taken me away from modeling. Though, I do a lot more programming. In Python😊 Not professionally, but rather for internal projects. Even though not using fZ professionally, I do use it for personal and internal business projects. I will first update my scripts from FSL to python. For the Mix of reasons of adoring fZ , the Community that supports it, and my continuing interest in programming, there are a number of scripts I have planned beyond my historicals and hope to continue with scripts as of yet unimagined. I would even someday like to be a contributor to the LAB project. But even so, this would take some time to build the quality of my scripts as I don't pretend to be an expert. jldaureil, I realize that the above doesn't answer your question, as Tech did that already. I would like to add, that some of the Utility Scripts currently work with version 8. MIMI for example does (mostly.) As Tech mentioned, when 9 is released that will break all FSL scripts. If you or anyone else has a request of which scripts you want me to update to Python first, please let me know. I would be happy and quite frankly excited to get on this project. Updating my current scripts will be a good warm up exercise. Though, due to my lack of professional use these days I don't know if I will be a candidate for Beta testing any longer. I do hope I will be, Hope isn't much of a strategy. If I get the opportunity to test, I would be doing more testing in the scripting area than in the actual modeling environment, though naturally I will be doing some of that as well. Tech, This is exciting news! I want to beta test the scripting environment. Do hope I haven't been too much of a PIA and will be allowed to test. Don't know the emoji that describes my current expression. <<Sweating Trepidation>> ¢hris £und
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    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Hey ADS, thanks for the update to v8.6.5. Do you think you could post the list of changes? So far today the updated version is running fine, nice and smooth.. Des
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    opening old files

    We made some improvements in v8.6 to support opening of older files without needing to go back to the older versions!
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    Ditto... My old symbol libraries are dead in storage. Trying to convert them and update them a few years ago became overwhelmingly difficult and time consuming. Everytime I try to get back to using components, crashes plague me. The symbols used to be one of the best implementations of this idea. Set up properly you could simply select one and switch it out with another without complicated interfaces, just a pop-down menu if the symbol libraries were loaded. You could also simply switch the library the symbols in a model referenced and holistically change the character of the model.The components interface is overly complicated and I don't find it as intuitive to use. Perhaps I just need to relearn and recreate 10 years worth of symbols prior to components being introduce, but it was easier to stop using the program for more than specific modelling needs than holistically designing with it. I still find it extremely powerful on the modelling front and with VRay, an immensely powerful renderer. After 25 or so years using it and teaching it, I continue to purchase the updates and swear by its strengths.
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    Some maxwell material and grass tests

    Final render: Andrea
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    First off I should say that while I have tried many times to use V8 for Drafting I repeatedly return to V6 to generate my construction documents. I am very biased towards the older version. I understand that I am a lot more familiar with it, so of course it would be a lot faster and easier for me to use. Over the years I have made many attempts to switch and have found too many impediments to be able to be able to produce drawings in the way in which I want them to look. While V8 has some great new features and more of an automated feeling, it all comes at an unacceptable expense in flexibility. I think that the older version had a superior foundation. It would be great to begin with that foundation and then to include the beneficial features from V8. There are some serious issues and bugs in V6 Drafting which needed correcting. My suggestions will include pointing out both the problems and the benefits unique to V6 and V8. If anyone has ideas of how to combine the two versions where issues conflict, they would be very welcomed. Please feel free to add to the list as I too will be doing so in the coming days/weeks. 1. V6 had a Draft / Draft Layout workflow format which was a lot more flexible than the Page / Frame format in V8. While I appreciate the automatic updating of the Frames to reflect the state of the current model, I was losing a lot of time in going back and forth between the 3D and the 2D world and having to wait long periods of time for all the many frames in my drawings to update. I got into the practice of "freezing" the Hidden Line renders to break the file linking but this felt tedious and counterproductive in V8's workflow. In addition, I miss having an "offscreen" area [Draft] in which I could organize and hold variations etc. off to the side and which was hidden from view in the Frames [Draft Layout] on the final printed sheet, but which was still easily accessible and editable by switching to the Draft Mode. That being said, having a pages palette added on top of the old system would be a great addition. 2. I like the way that frames were not limited to rectangular shapes in V6, but could be polygonal, like the shape of an "L" or "T" for example. It enabled you to nest details around each other and gave you a lot more flexibility in organizing information on a page. Round and oval Frames would be helpful options for detail insert bubbles. 3. V6 had bugs in Repositioning dimensions which often caused them to fly off the screen when adjusted. V8 has no Reposition Tool which is dearly needed to quickly and efficiently edit either single dimensions or whole strings of dimensions which have been pre-selected. 4. I prefer the (Horizontal/Vertical and Dimension Parallel) Dimension Tools with a double click to signify the completion of a string of dimensions rather than using a separate tool to create Multi-Dimensions. 5. I miss being able to quickly select and move the associated/unassociated points of dimensions without having to show them first as in V8. These were invisible until selected in V6 which worked well. 6. Reintroduce the Colors Palette and the Color Tool in Drafting. Only being able to adjust Line / Hatch colors via Attributes is a limitation in comparison to V6.
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    Metal robot '50 years

    Andrea. Robot vintage.mov
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    Example Images

    Ok so here's my latest attempt. I created a new vray material using the vrmateditor, imported my original jpeg image where Diffuse Color is, imported the normals map I created in Photoshop where the Bump map goes. I probably need to adjust my scaling or blur on my normals/bump map but its definitely looking better than before.
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    Geometric pattern inlay on 3D surface

    NURBS surface works great with the Parametric tool. I rebuilt the curved surface as a NURBS object by using a series of lofted splines. Downloaded a DWG pattern and was able to apply it to the surface with the Parametric tool easily. Thanks again!
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    Is Maxwell dead?

    The whole 3D rendering space is in major upheaval and change. Particularly as GPU rendering has entered then scene. That is not to say that there are not past CPU renders as well but denoising acceleration with CUDA based nvidia cards is amazing. However, that doesn't help Mac users and thus 'cloud based' rendering systems will become the answer -ie Rendering as a Service (RaaS). Maxwell is certainly brilliant but the next step in acceleration/speed has taken a while to update as you may see a different direction and a new product is also due soon see this teaser roombox3D.com There is an update for Maxwell Render itself soonish. Rob
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    Is Maxwell dead?

    I hope it still alive! Love their software.
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    I probably have done more interiors than most on this so I will chime in here. There is really no set way to do an interior as the lighting will be different depending on the situation. Unlike exteriors that rely on a simple sun position or a dome light. However, there is a process that I use that I will share. First off set your exterior sun to the desired position for interior shadows. Go to the suns override settings and make the size of it 5 so that the shadows are softer. Make sure your glass is not casting or receiving shadows. Now place a light plane that is the size of your window just outside your glass and make it a portal light. I often give this light a texture map (hdri) so that it adds atmosphere to the image. Set the intensity to about 50. Parameters: invisible and does not affect reflections. Place a rectangular box area light in the middle of the room and make sure it does not touch anything. Set it to about 30 and make sure that under Parameters it is invisible and does not affect reflections. This is true for any other interior lights you might add. Then I go to my camera settings and adjust the exposure to get it close. It does not need to be exact since you can always adjust exposure during the render process. I will then turn on AO, adjust the shading rate up, set my render elements and adjust everything else in the V-ray settings while I am there. Once I get the lighting about right I can then add specific cone, spot or line lights depending upon the architecture. These don't seem to add much to the overall exposure but they help to add realism to the scene. One thing that I would like to comment on in your scenes is the lack of gloss on many of your materials. All materials have a certain amount of gloss to them. For some reason the default for V-ray is set to a black color and a value of 1. For me I start with a white color. For dull materials like rough plaster I will set the gloss to 0.2 and for high gloss I will set it to 0.85. While we are on the subject of materials I also find it very useful to assign a Material ID color to my most important materials. If you then enable Material ID in your render elements you can adjust color and isolate the materials very easily post process. This saves a lot of time later. It also allows me to place my window reflections perfectly on my exterior scenes since I have my glass isolated. Finally, for true realism I also use the Glare effect in the render window and sometimes I will even use the Bloom tab. Some clients hate these and some love them so use them cautiously. Hope this helps. As always there are many ways to set up a scene and this is just my down and dirty approach for a starting point.