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    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Here is the list of changes. Mostly stability improvements. http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/whats_new.html
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    Please fix components with v9! It is really a necessary feature and even the most basic components crash the program every time I try to use them. I know this has been said many times over, but I will say it again. I had a long hiatus of not using FormZ and now that I'm back in it I find this very frustrating.
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    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Hey ADS, thanks for the update to v8.6.5. Do you think you could post the list of changes? So far today the updated version is running fine, nice and smooth.. Des
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    opening old files

    We made some improvements in v8.6 to support opening of older files without needing to go back to the older versions!
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    Ditto... My old symbol libraries are dead in storage. Trying to convert them and update them a few years ago became overwhelmingly difficult and time consuming. Everytime I try to get back to using components, crashes plague me. The symbols used to be one of the best implementations of this idea. Set up properly you could simply select one and switch it out with another without complicated interfaces, just a pop-down menu if the symbol libraries were loaded. You could also simply switch the library the symbols in a model referenced and holistically change the character of the model.The components interface is overly complicated and I don't find it as intuitive to use. Perhaps I just need to relearn and recreate 10 years worth of symbols prior to components being introduce, but it was easier to stop using the program for more than specific modelling needs than holistically designing with it. I still find it extremely powerful on the modelling front and with VRay, an immensely powerful renderer. After 25 or so years using it and teaching it, I continue to purchase the updates and swear by its strengths.
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    Some maxwell material and grass tests

    Final render: Andrea
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    the instant alternative to hidden line

    hidden line is still awful and I was thinking "there must be a better way..." there is. and it's so easy I feel like a dunce that it took me 5+ years to figure it out. 1. Have a white background and turn off grid and axes. 2. Create a white material and set the reflection to constant. 3. Turn on Antialiasing in Shaded Options Done. Instant Hidden Line that is at least 100,000x faster than the real hidden line and with MUCH better results in regards to text (i didn't do a benchmark test on this, so please don't quote me). I'm literally never using the hidden line again and i am so happy about this so i needed to share.
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    SDK History

    Hello everyone This section of the forums seems very quiet ... I am a little lost. I had looked a little bit at the version 6 SDK. At the time I had the idea to see if I could contribute. For lack of basic basic training and also for lack of time I had to give up. I feel that a lot has changed (python?) Would there be someone Chris? or Z support that can make a very short history of SDK form Z? Would it be possible to give me some pointers about the future? (in the perspective of contributing even if I am trained for this) I have the impression that the project "LAB" is stopped Do you know who made this contribution that seemed very dynamic and why it seems extinct?
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    Is Maxwell dead?

    The whole 3D rendering space is in major upheaval and change. Particularly as GPU rendering has entered then scene. That is not to say that there are not past CPU renders as well but denoising acceleration with CUDA based nvidia cards is amazing. However, that doesn't help Mac users and thus 'cloud based' rendering systems will become the answer -ie Rendering as a Service (RaaS). Maxwell is certainly brilliant but the next step in acceleration/speed has taken a while to update as you may see a different direction and a new product is also due soon see this teaser roombox3D.com There is an update for Maxwell Render itself soonish. Rob
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    Is Maxwell dead?

    I hope it still alive! Love their software.
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    VRay fur - save to preset option

    Can I just put in a request for a functional way to save a VRay fur setting to a preset that can be re loaded or applied to objects in the next release or update? I'm finding directly editing the object attributes for the fur settings a pain - especially when you are doing test renders that require minor situational alterations to numerous objects. It's not really a time saving work around as an alternative in changing the main setting in detail and then reapplying them individually. It would be very good to be able to do this directly from the object attributes dialog box so you can edit one object and then more quickly reapply them across a range. Thanks - that is all...
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    Now that I have made several attempts to use the V-Ray plugin with Form.Z successfully, I'm still a bit disillusioned: There are too many settings, the light and the surfaces don't come (or only by chance) as intended. If I am looking for instructions on the internet, the tutorials are mostly based on other programs, such as SketchUp or the native V-Ray program. But the settings within Form.Z seem to be very different to me - or don't work properly... Does anyone know of a tutorial on YouTube that explains the processes in interior design? Or could someone even create one (autodessys ?). Could someone at least share or upload a Form.Z sample scene that contains the most important camera, material, environment and lighting settings? Thank you very much! Attached are some renders, that illustrate my skills so far:
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    Great stuff Andrew! Thank you for sharing! Theo, I agree we could use a bit more documentation, and I believe that is coming once we get FormZ 9, which will have more features and a changed UI. Anywho, if you import this Sketchup example, I've found you can do the same things in VRay for FormZ, but the menus are slightly different. - https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYSKETCHUP/Interior+Lighting+QuickStart
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    snow stability problems on windows

    Update: zero crashes while working on the Mac with the same file. I will forever be upset with my company switching to Windows.
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    Does Form•Z Tech monitor this forum?

    We do monitor the forum. Frankly we have been a bit “heads down" on v9 so our apologies if we are not always quick to respond lately. We will will try to do better. Having said that the forum is mostly intended as a place for discussion of ideas, experiences in a sharing community. If you need technical support please email us at support@formz.com. Every support email is assigned a ticket number that gives us a much better way to track issues and respond to your questions and resolve problems.
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    If indeed the sole purpose is simply a line drawing for illustration purposes this is a great workaround. You can almost get away with the settings for removing backfacing polys in the draw as well with the all white constant faces. The reason for the HL drawings from formZ is the ability to produce scale working drawings that are dimension-able and can be used by framers, dry-wallers, and other tradesmen on paper for a construction site. Until drones and robots completely eliminate humans, we still need to produce such drawings for the complexity of buildings coordinating many systems built by many tradespeople. We stopped using formZ 12 years ago for working drawings. We simply export HLs of what we need from the models and redraw the 2Ds in Vectorworks. The dedicated 2D power of Vectorworks' options from database compilation of various components such as plumbing and lighting fixtures to smart components such as wall tools, made these necessary steps in the production of the 60 page drawing sets we produce for construction of our houses and all their details. Simple imagery is all you need to produce, kudos for not needing to utilize the HL function or needing to produce complex 2-d drawings for coordinating many who work on a construction project, including those using AutoCad and various other flavors of 2D CAD.
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    Live recording option

    Procreate for the iPad has this incredible feature where it records every action and turns that into a video. That feature would be incredible for FormZ. We could share the creation of our work very easily. I know I can do a screen capture, but what I imagine is a video without any of the visual tools evident. So no mouse pointer, hands, view spinner, etc...Just the "live" modeling process. Since "sharing" is the new medium of communication these days. Just a thought.
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    To me this is the greatest strength of Maxwell: It makes your renderings look very real. Don't get me wrong V-ray does a very nice job, but not yet up to the level of Maxwell.
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    Andrew West

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    The native format for Form.z materials for V-ray is VRMAT. However, I have been able to download VISMAT materials from various sites and then open them in the material editor. Then I save them as VRMAT so that I can use them. I have not been able to use any other formats.
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    I probably have done more interiors than most on this so I will chime in here. There is really no set way to do an interior as the lighting will be different depending on the situation. Unlike exteriors that rely on a simple sun position or a dome light. However, there is a process that I use that I will share. First off set your exterior sun to the desired position for interior shadows. Go to the suns override settings and make the size of it 5 so that the shadows are softer. Make sure your glass is not casting or receiving shadows. Now place a light plane that is the size of your window just outside your glass and make it a portal light. I often give this light a texture map (hdri) so that it adds atmosphere to the image. Set the intensity to about 50. Parameters: invisible and does not affect reflections. Place a rectangular box area light in the middle of the room and make sure it does not touch anything. Set it to about 30 and make sure that under Parameters it is invisible and does not affect reflections. This is true for any other interior lights you might add. Then I go to my camera settings and adjust the exposure to get it close. It does not need to be exact since you can always adjust exposure during the render process. I will then turn on AO, adjust the shading rate up, set my render elements and adjust everything else in the V-ray settings while I am there. Once I get the lighting about right I can then add specific cone, spot or line lights depending upon the architecture. These don't seem to add much to the overall exposure but they help to add realism to the scene. One thing that I would like to comment on in your scenes is the lack of gloss on many of your materials. All materials have a certain amount of gloss to them. For some reason the default for V-ray is set to a black color and a value of 1. For me I start with a white color. For dull materials like rough plaster I will set the gloss to 0.2 and for high gloss I will set it to 0.85. While we are on the subject of materials I also find it very useful to assign a Material ID color to my most important materials. If you then enable Material ID in your render elements you can adjust color and isolate the materials very easily post process. This saves a lot of time later. It also allows me to place my window reflections perfectly on my exterior scenes since I have my glass isolated. Finally, for true realism I also use the Glare effect in the render window and sometimes I will even use the Bloom tab. Some clients hate these and some love them so use them cautiously. Hope this helps. As always there are many ways to set up a scene and this is just my down and dirty approach for a starting point.
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    select by criteria - suggestions, again

    this has already requested again and again, but i can't find it anymore and it is on the top things making me climb wall up in FZ. when you are using the 'select by criteria' palette on a day by day basis, it's just a pain to select any geometry 'by materials' attribute. the small scrollable window does just show tiny thumbnail without any text, and - as an icing on the cake - the order is even different than in the main material panel. see screenshot. please fix and enhance this, it's almost unusable at this point, but so important if you mass edit complex scenes! hopefully next update? kind regards markus
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    Some work in progress

    And two more.
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    Malc, Spending time making Layout a more robust and user-friendly drafting program will not "detriment [formZ] of its 3D modeling capabilities...." We will allocate our resources effectively to make the whole formZ package (formZ, Layout, Imager, Viewer, etc.) a great value and enjoyable experience for all of its users. Layout IS a way to to make your views created in the 3D model to another program to produce a working drawing. This is done by following these steps: • Save your views with the .fmz file • Open Layout. • Create a Layout Frame • Select the .fmz file, choose your view and scale in the Frame Parameters, click OK. Does this not work for you? Also, note that exporting/printing both a raster image and a vector image at the same time is not easy to implement given that raster and vector formats are different. That is, JPG is a raster format, DWG is a vector format.
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    here an update about my work flow: about making sections. Yesterday I spend all day to find a way how to produce 2D output with 2D Layout WIP in combination with all other programs I can use in my office, such as Vectorworks 2014, AutoCAD 2017, Indesign, Affinity Designer. I couldn't find a way to get any result. But... as I described above, I continued working on that workflow related to a more architectural project with higher complexity. Using the section tool in the 3D model and copy the 2D section into another 3D model (with or without layer override options) works fine and rock solid. It is easy to add some more details, or other objects with shaded filling, layers, add dimensions etc. All of it took only little time. The benefit is override layer options. Think about what you can do with this... Let's say make a texture instead of a hatch. If you communicate with other company's they do not really need millions of hatch lines. So that's not important. They do want the main objects. And because 3D model work with good geometry, thats handy. Now, crucial in the workflow I am talking about is printing output. I found out I could print to a PDF on scale! All materials nicely shown in the section, because actually the geometry is exactly as it is modelled in a 3D model, although it is now 2D. What ADS could do is add a little more options about printing output, such as layered PDF, viewports like we can use with the Renderzone rendering. I believe the solution of all problems with 2D layout module could be just using the 3D modeller, in any way. If I find some time I will make a movie about this workflow. Or If anyone is interested to develop this workflow with me, let me know. At least for this moment... it works.
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    formZ Tips and Tricks page released!

    By popular demand, we have just released a new page on our web site (under the Support menu) that consolidates all the Tips and Tricks that we have posted on our Facebook page over the last 2 years. A direct link can be found here: http://www.formz.com/support/tips/tip1.html Clicking on the different banner images at the top will toggle the specific tip that is displayed below, as seen here for Tip 17: If anyone has any additional tips or tricks they would like to share, feel free to post them in this thread. Happy Modeling!