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    Example Images

    I do a lot of restaurant designs, just wishing I was able to animate my scenes.
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    I agree this could be very useful to see an Object Parameters window open all the time... it should probably be separate palette from the Tool Options. I say could because the Parameters function kinda broken in formZ. Example: Draw a cube... parameters are there and adjustable. Reshape the cube: Parameters are gone. This is the same for all generated solids. Yes, you can use the Transform/Non-Uniform Scaling to change the size, but it's not *quite* the same. formZ needs to retain these parametric properties when just reshaping an object. Maybe a version 9 fix?
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    As for the movement, if you set your origin to a specific spot in the info panel. Or if you want to move a specific distance, start moving in the direction you want and type in the distance.
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    If you use the Transform tool and set it to Non uniform scaling.
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    Example Images

    Here's my latest design for a Master Bath.
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    Andre Conlledo


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    Sharp edges/creases in sub-d models?

    Hey again... thanks, I'll try it. Where exactly is this tool? I can't seem to find it... Funny - Strata was my first "real" 3D software, purchased way back in 1993 or so... motivated by Myst! That said, I haven't kept up, and it seems they've made it much more confusing than it needs to be (and eliminated the packaging capabilites). Is there no way in FZ to edit a poly model by points/vertices, lines, edge loops, faces, etc. ?