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    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    On February 14th of each year we celebrate the anniversary of the first release of form•Z. This is a time for us to celebrate the great work and outstanding designs created by the form•Z community over the years. Your creations inspire us to look forward to the future with the same enthusiasm and anticipation as the day we started this journey. Thank you for the support over the years. Specially to those who embrace the form•Z community on this forum and graciously offer assistance to others, share their work and offer suggestions and constructive criticism that makes form•Z a better solution for all.
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    select by criteria - suggestions, again

    This is being improved in v9 but we also want to make sure everyone is aware of a subtle feature that was added in v8.6. When you right click on a material there is a new option at the bottom of the context menu to select all of the objects (and faces) that are assigned the material. An additional benefit of this is that if the material is not used, the menu item will be dimmed giving quick feedback if the material is in use or not. While this is not replacement for the Elect By Criteria palette., it is a quick way to get to the common talk of finding the object that use a material.
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    Hello everyone, Happy Birthday form.Z! To me form.Z is like a life form that has been evolving over all this time, so "happy birthday" seems quite fitting. I was very pleased to see this image this morning in my e-mail... I remember rooting around in that Ronchamp model, getting it ready for 3d Printing. I believe the model was created in form.Z 1.0, it was created by another artist, but I was once upon a time charged with making it watertight. The Z-Corp print came out very nicely, and anyone that saw it at the form.Z booth will surely remember it. I remember one form.Z booth customer suggesting that the Ronchamp 3d prints could be offered for sale en masse. Since it is also throwback Thursday, I thought I would share this retro teal interface setting that I set up to give the current interface the feel of the old one. It is less distracting than the stock color setting, and I have found myself reminded of how long we have been using this wonderful application. I actually use a Wacom tablet quite frequently with form.Z, so I like all the system icons showing, and like to have a large target for picking tools with the stylus. I do not use the palette dock at all, I conjure my palettes with shortcut keys. Thank you form.Z and autodessys for all of the long years. I have been able to apply form.Z tools in order to create income in so many ways over all of these years, I almost think of it as a money making application!
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    Similarly, you can place all your layers in a layer group and then be sure to select "Material" in the "Override Attributes" option. Use the white material to assign to the layer group. This method allows you to maintain the original materials while still having the option to make fake hidden line images.
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    the instant alternative to hidden line

    hidden line is still awful and I was thinking "there must be a better way..." there is. and it's so easy I feel like a dunce that it took me 5+ years to figure it out. 1. Have a white background and turn off grid and axes. 2. Create a white material and set the reflection to constant. 3. Turn on Antialiasing in Shaded Options Done. Instant Hidden Line that is at least 100,000x faster than the real hidden line and with MUCH better results in regards to text (i didn't do a benchmark test on this, so please don't quote me). I'm literally never using the hidden line again and i am so happy about this so i needed to share.
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    Please fix components with v9! It is really a necessary feature and even the most basic components crash the program every time I try to use them. I know this has been said many times over, but I will say it again. I had a long hiatus of not using FormZ and now that I'm back in it I find this very frustrating.
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    Example Images

    Hi! Here is one project that was finished last year, rendering and final outcome from the shop.
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    Chris lund

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    2.8 for me as well, I think. By way of Electric Image. EIAS. Enjoyed the ride!
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    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    Happy birthday formZ! I want' share couple renderings from year 1997 when I started my long journey with formZ 😊. Version was 2.9 I think. Also a picture of the collection of formZ prochures etc. I'd like to thank you ADS developing us formZ!
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    Some work in progress

    Hello there. It`s been a while since I posted any new stuff made with FormZ. So here is an oriental style caffe. Modeled in FormZ , rendered with Thea for FormZ Plugin
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    Example Images

    Here are a couple of exhibit rendedrings.
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    Andrew West

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    Happy birthday as well! At the risk of sounding like an old man I started using Form.z around 1991 when I was working at the largest architecture firm in the US. I believe my machine was a Mac IIcx which was barely able to render out a simple image in shaded view. I used it mainly for doing perspective layouts for my watercolor illustrations. It wasn't until about 1997 that I presented my first digital illustration for a client. Fast forward to today where my watch has 1000 times the computing power of my IIcx and I haven't done a watercolor in 10 years. While I have tried almost every other modeling software out there I still can't help but come back to Form.z. Simply the best modeler out there to date. Really looking forward to seeing what they come up with in the future releases.
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    formZ v8.6.4 released

    We released v8.6.4 today. This version improves support for OS X Mojave (as well as other improvements and corrections) You can update your installation by selecting "Check for Update" from the Help menu. Note that if you are using 8.5 or 8.6.0 (or if you experience issues with the software update feature because of a fire wall or other connection issue), you will need to install from HERE . Here is a list of what is new in the latest version: http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/whats_new.html Best!
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    Drafting v. Layout

    In the past and up to v.6, one could use the drafting module in FormZ to draw just about anything in 2D with accuracy and ease. With Layout (and unless I am missing something), unfortunately this is not the case anymore. I understand that FormZ is not a drafting program. Nevertheless, I only hope that AutoDesSys will consider restoring (and even improving) some of the older drafting capabilities that allowed us to draw anything (from annotated site and floor plans to construction details) in real and not scaled measurements. Having said this, I believe that creating frames and sheets in Layout with 3D views being directly linked to models could be a great feature to consider.
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    Example Images

    Something I was doing as part of a personal project.... thought it looked pretty slick for something that took about 10 minutes to set up after I had the model done.
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    Example Images

    Wow, that rendering is spot on. Nice work!
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    formZ models exchange site!

    Dear formziers! I added another two armchairs from Poltrona Frau. And some new lights too. Enjoy. Please share your models to community. Or else!
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    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    I use FormZ since 2.7 on my Power Mac 7200/90 16 Megs of RAM (!!) It has changed the way I was designing stuff in both good and bad ways. Yet I am grateful it exists and I can do things with it as my primary weapon of choice. And it is getting better year by year, version by version. Thank`s Autodessys.
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    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    My first copy was newly updated for PowerPC's! What version was that? 2.something for sure. I ran it on my Power Mac 7100, and I purchased fZ on the rent-to-own student program circa 1995. Recently someone gave me this as a memento:
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    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    And here's to another few decades! 🤘 What is it now, 28 years or so? Cheers, Des
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    Justin Montoya

    orientation of modeling tool bar

    Yes. To do this, you need to open the Tool Manager (Workspace>Tool Manager). Then you can Right Click on the Modeling Tool Bar on one of the Icons. Select Swap Rows and Columns or Collapse to a Single Row, depending on what you are looking to achieve. The FormZ interface is fairly flexible, almost to a fault. Using the Tool Manager, you can also add and remove tools in the toolbars themselves. In my example you can see I have a single vertical tool bar on the right and have added the Edit Texture, Map Texture, and Set Layer tool to be always visible since I am constantly using those and it's annoying to have to go inside the Attributes tool for them. You have to be mindful when setting this up so that it works correctly on restart. If you keep it simple and save your Workspace ONLY ONE TIME on exit, then restart FormZ and go to Workspace Manager and UNCHECK 'Save Between Sessions'. Also in the Workspace Manager you should Export your new workspace somewhere for future use in case you need to recreate it because your FormZ preferences folder got corrupted and you had to rebuild it. That should help you preserve whatever Interface changes you make, and always be accessible, even transportable to other computers.
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    Example Images

    A display fixture I've been working on...
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    Justin Montoya

    Example Images

    Just sharing a little of the WIP on the bath scene Andrew and I were both playing with separately. It's been fun working through more of these VRay features. I hope the next version of VRay for FormZ gets the new features of VRay Next, which has many more GPU improvements like displacement, environment fog, etc...
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    Can't load textures

    That's really a bug in my book. A "progressive" JPG is still a perfectly legal JPG image and should load as such.
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    Example Images

    I do a lot of restaurant designs, just wishing I was able to animate my scenes.