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    Sharp edges/creases in sub-d models?

    I started using Strata in 1997. I think it was called "Strata Blitz" or something like that. At that time there weren't many 3D apps for the Mac. Since then I worked in Cimena4D, 3DS Max, and now FZ. Anyhow, I have worked with a few ex Strata users and they all seem to be confused by FZ. There isn't much out there in the way of tutorial stuff beyond the little that FZ provides, so if you are on your own it's a pain. I just hunkered down and through a lot of trial and error (plus what I already knew) I have more or less gotten good at it. See the attachment on selecting points, edges, and faces.
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    "Show Controls" not working?

    Just wondering if you ever got this sorted out?
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    New project window missing.

    this statement gives me a migraine. I really hope Z9 addresses most of these silly preference issues. I think a simple application frame will do wonders as opposed to the floating palettes.
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    Adding "sharp" edges in FZ sub-d is basically the same as in most other programs. You essentially have 2 options: One is to use the "edge/point" sharpness tool. You have to be careful with this as too much starts to create a "pinched" effect. The other is to simply to add additional geometry with the "insert sequences" command. There is a lot that can be done with sub-d if you take the time to really learn the correct approach. With that being said, I don't mind adding that FZ's sub-d tool set leaves a lot to be desired when compared to Cinema4D or even Strata for that matter.
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    Justin Montoya

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    A better color picker, especially for Windows users!