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    This is a quick study on how to model a candy bar wrapper with subdivision. It's a 2 page pdf. Sub-D Candy Bar.pdf
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    Hi Joe, I am always here....in some format or another.
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    Andrew West

    V-ray troubleshooting

    I really can't explain how many little things improve when the preference folder is recreated. It is like driving a brand new car again.
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    Formz to flat layout drawings

    Hiya, I use to output my designs to a laser cutter. I transformed all my components to the same plane and then turned them into 2D profiles with the 'Derive Faces' tool and then used the 'Projection' tool to 'flatten' them. I exported to DWG and imported into CorelDraw to output to my laser. Thanks, Nige.
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    FZNoob, I seem to be stumbling a bit here. When I "Insert Sequence" it give me a horizontal control and vertical control... Before & After....