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    form•Z 9 beta

    form•Z 9 beta is coming on 9-5-19! Sign up now to be one of the first to receive the v9 beta software: http://www.formz.com/fz9_beta_request Note that you must have a licensed version of form•Z pro 8.5/8.6 to participate in the beta.
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Paul was a valuable member of our team as our tech support lead for many years and we miss him professionally and personally. Paul was enthusiastic and always someone who would be the champion of the end user to our team. However, he was never a developer of form•Z. False rumors like the lead programmer is dead simply do not help our situation. form•Z was created by Chis Yessios and David Kropp. Chris has retired but is still a valued advisor. David continues as president and leads the development team (not the rumored sole developer). The Joint Study Program still exists and between this program, the form•Z student edition and form•Z free there is a solid install base in schools (but it could always be better). We stopped the Partnerships in learning publication as it became increasingly difficult publish, as a younger generation of faculty became less interested in providing the student feedback that made the publication interesting. In general schools no longer teach software leaving the student to pick their own solution often without much guidance. We give the software to students and faculty for free (in Switzerland as well), yet others charge (some significantly). We are not sure where these market share numbers come from, but form•Z is used at a lot more than 930 companies, this number is at least an order of magnitude off. Are we a small team at the moment? Yes. But we challenge you to find another group that is as dedicated and believe in what they do. Do we make mistakes, sure, but we will always try to address the issues as fast as possible. Are we great are marketing? No. Andrew has provided some stunning images and kindly allowed us to use them in promotional material. We need to get better at marketing and ideas are always welcome. Thank you for everyone’s feedback, it will only make us better and we believe that the best is yet to come.
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Participation is the key, imho. "Tech" was very candid in this thread setting the record straight and sharing some insight. Its never easy to run a small company in today's world and get it all right all the time. I sense a renewed commitment with the release of v9 and the discussion of improving vRay to next. Do we all crave info and insight so we can make decisions about how we use these tools in many different workflows? Yes. We deserve to know as much as ADS can share about the platform. If we share out work, contribute on the forum, participate in the beta tests and submit bug and questions to ADS with this community will grow and keep thriving. Bigger is not always better, but quality and playing well with others always brings excellence and richness to life. I'm glad to have a robust community of dedicated users to share with and I'm thankful that formZ is still the best creative environment for scaled, detailed design and modeling work. Thanks for reading my thoughts. I'm really grateful for all of you.
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    Recent work make with Z 8.6 and maxwell 4

    It was a competition:
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    Is it possible that you might occasionally ask Matthew Holewinski to create a tutorial? Something like he did here:
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    wip & recent renders

    few renders that can see the light of day now
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    form•Z v9 Python Scripting

    A new page has been added to the form•Z site with more information on form•Z v9 Python Scripting (Click Here to visit) In case you missed today's webinar on form•Z v9 Python Scripting you can check it it out here:
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    wip & recent renders

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    Example Images

    I put here few renderings made for our customers in differnt sectors. The images are pretty much straight from V-Ray, no after work. Have a nice weekend 🙂
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    what's new webinar

    We had some technical issues with the recording plus we are cleaning up some rough edges (and prepping for this weeks webinar!). Please be patient, its coming but as these views tend to have a long shelf life so we want to get it right.
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    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    form•Z v9.0.1 (#A107) We have posted v9.0.1 today to address some reported issues with formZ v9. This version can be now installed using the link you received with your v9 codes. Here is a list of some of the more important improvements: • When the favorites menu is invoked (Space bar by default), pressing the space bar again will open and position the tool options palette on the screen at the location of the favorites tools. This makes for an easy way to access the Tool Options without needing to navigate to the location of the palette. The palette is returned to its original state when the mouse moves out of the newly positioned tool options palette or the favorites menu shortcut is selected again. • Pop-up Tool Options is a new key shortcut available in the Palettes group of the Key shortcuts manager. This invokes the tool options at the mouse location as with the favorites menu without needing to go through the favorites menu first. There is no default key combination assigned for this option. • The color popup in the Attributes tab of the Inspector now works properly when clicking on the arrow indicator. • Export PSD no longer generates empty files under certain situations. • The palette dock is now maintained in the Cone Of Vision environment. • Shaded work and shaded full now show the proper color when Copy and paste of objects which have materials with matching names. • Certain geometry no longer causes a crash when using object snaps and the mouse rolls over the object. • Create Reference File no longer includes references to other attached reference files in the newly created reference file. • Create Reference File now warns when replacing a reference file that is already being referenced by the project. • Create Reference File now handles single object reference files properly. • Docking and undocking certain palettes now works properly. • Editing Components in the project window has been improved. • The parameters tab of the inspector now works properly with components. • Components placed with the “Place on Active Layer” option now explode properly. • The “Getting Started” tutorials are now accessible from the startup screen again. • Holding Command/Ctrl and dragging docked palette will allow precision
placement/force placement OS X specific • Installer now works better on OS X 10.15.3 • Animations played in the form•Z window now display properly. • Closing the Inspector palette, no longer leads to crashes. • Changing the direction of the Arc 3 again works with tapping command key. Windows specific • Hide palettes no longer leads to extra margins shown around the palettes when un-hiding. Draft Layout • Title blocks now work as expected. • The place image tool now works as expected. • Components update properly when a layout file is opened. • Paste from Model/Paste from Draft have been improved. • Compounds from v6 files are now converted properly. Additional stability and performance improvements.
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    Andrew West

    Example Images

    It has been a while since posting anything here so I want to see if we can keep this going. The point being that the more we show people what the capabilities of Form.z and V-ray are the more attention the program will get. That in turn could lead to more sales and money for development. So here is another little project I have been working on lately.
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    Group for "Views"

    Hi, I always end up with hundreds of views which is unwieldy. If there can can be groups for Layers etc then why could there not be Groups for Views as well? Then for instance I could render all my interior views overnight without wasting a lot of time try to sort or rename them. Thanks, Chris
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    Hi, I have been making Revit Families with formZ. I set up all the parts in formZ in the location I wish with respect to each other and the origin. Cut/copy each part into its own file, and export as dwg 13. (I have noticed that .dwg format is working so very well). Insert/import Cad the part into Revit into the Revit Family .rfa file. It will appear in the correct location. Right click and full explode. Turn off show shape handles in the properties for the object. Assign Revit Material (I usually go and pre-create the materials I need in Revit) and visibility for the part as normal in Revit. Repeat until all parts have been imported and assigned. Next I set up my data, then my part version configurations. (set up all data first before the versions!) Then I save and use as a family. This has been working very well, and has been a very lucrative avenue for me. People who make Revit content properly are hard to come by and in demand, even when companies don't realize it. I made quite a few Revit models here to save the money from going out of house for them (very very expensive) and my leadership realized that it was something they should be doing in-house and created a new position for me to do it full time. Hope this helps those that are looking for a valuable route to use formZ in conjunction with Revit. For me, the price of formZ vs trying to model in Revit with those tools is quite worth it. In addition, importing Solidworks STEP files into formZ works almost without flaw as well. So, I can take a Solidworks file and use formZ to create a Revit Family. In fact formZ should be the "front end" modeler for Revit. The workflow has been almost seamless and headache free, believe it or not. Cheers, John A
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    Alan Cooper

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    jldaureil Some interesting points there. However, regarding Twin motion Quote: "Autodessys you should really look closely at the evolution of real-time rendering software." I would say, all in good time, maybe as a bolt-on for those who need all the clever terrain and vegitation producing software. We don't all need those features. I still would like the focus to be for FormZ to first be excellent at what it does already so it can be marketed effectively for core strengths of being able to produce a 3d model with full information management in a free uncomplicated way (no constraints) faster than any other product, and also to be very affordable, which will attract more users with good marketing. Real-time enhancements may be good for the future but especially as the data can presumably be exported to a specialist program like TM, please continue to bring the user interface and core program features to perfection first.
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    Exciting times

    With the onset of Fz9, it's variations and all the newness it brings, it is also nice to wake up to the new slick web-site too. After a time of stagnation, it makes me happy to see the new drive which I hope brings success. Well done AutoDesSys 👏 Des
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    My two cents. Based on my own observations with my industry (Architectural Illustration… err, I guess we’re calling it architectural visualization now). I think some of the uphill battle is a result of the perfect storm. Google bought Sketchup and offered it up for free just as the economy went down the commode. The layoff machine was ramped up in every building and design related office across the country and those who survived layoffs found themselves with nothing to design, so they filled their day learning their free downloaded version of sketchup that a colleague told them about. Mean while students across the country were also downloading free sketchup and word of mouth took off. As a result we got a lot of people who knew about sketchup because it was free, and a lot of really bad sketchup renderings. I assume that marketplace tidal wave caught everyone off guard. I’m a 25 year user of Form-Z. and It’s my main software I use, with mac mail and safari not far behind. I too have worried that the low key nature of FZ makes it vulnerable for extinction, yet on the other hand I’m grateful for the small business status it has. We all know we don’t get the quality support or personal attention from the bigger outfits. When I was learning FZ in 95’ my instructor bragged about the personal attention FZ gave it’s users. You could call up and suggest a new tool or feature and it’d pop up in the next release. That is still pretty true today though their customer base has grown and those suggestions are more abundant and more challenging to fit into the next release. I think part of the solution is as easy as being in front of eyeballs. The old “out of sight out of mind” can catch up to you. I first learned about FZ as a student who finagled his way into the AIA national expo in Atlanta where multiple software companies were doing demos and had booths. I watched the FZ demo and knew that was the route to go. Since then I’ve championed them all along the way. Sent them new customers and assured my own clients that I have no need for Sketchup because FZ does everything Sketchup does, plus 100 times more, it does it better and the models are actually stable, not a house of cards. My suggestions: - Staff: If Auto-des-sys doesn’t already have someone on staff dedicated to marketing the product. It’d probably be a good investment to have someone dedicated to just that task and nothing else. - Online presence in all the forums and sites: Search Form-Z on CGarchitect.com and there are no results. That is a huge industry resource page for a lot of potential customers. I’ve noticed their absence on a lot of sites and forums like that. Sites that list all the 3d modeling software packages and there are softwares I’ve never heard of and softwares I’d never touch and FZ doesn’t get a mention. WTH? - Trade shows: Architecture, product design, industrial design, graphic design, illustration. You know who uses the product, target those industries and industries who haven’t used your product that you can convince should be… Be visible. - Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials: Make it as easy as humanly possible to learn everything the software has to offer and as hard as possible for people to say “there isn’t any resources for learning”. Note: FZ does a great job with this already. The problem is, they don’t have all their followers doing it like the other guys do. Ie skippy in the basement putting up his weekly photoshop tutorial. It’s a bigger burden on FZ to do all the heavy lifting, but with growth comes more skippy’s in the basement. - Partnerships: Vray and Maxwell were huge. Expand the partnerships to other areas. Not nescaserily just software partnerships, but industry partnerships. FZ was big with ASAI and it’s members way back when. I’m not sure which side let that relationship slip away. - Students: You find a way to make FZ cooler, easier and freer than sketchup in schools, and get students excited again. Students like free stuff. A box of cool FZ tee shirts sent to the architecture dept is a lot of walking ads. - Mail outs: Post cards are still the best way to get your logo in front of eyes. - Reiterate the time line: Let people know you’ve been around a while, you’re not new to the game and there is some pedigree behind the name. - Showcase: Showcase your successes and your user's successes - Keep providing a product that can sell it’s self! Note: I am not a professional marketing guy. 🙂
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    After struggling for a long time to create a glowing lamp shade Justin and I have finally figured it out using SSS materials. It was a little quirky at first and hard to get it to show properly. When we first created the material it was small and then scaling it up caused the SSS to disappear again. Eventually i got it right. It all lies in the scatter distance setting. DON"T MAKE IT TOO LARGE or TOO SMALL! In my model I placed a v-ray sphere light inside my lamp shade and made it so that it does not touch any physical geometry. I also tried this with a mesh light but that left strange shadows on the shade. So I thought I would save everyone some time and load the vrmat material and map here: Maybe some day we can set up a material sharing site similar to what Anton has set up for models lamp shade 2.vrmat
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    Next Limit

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    We are happy to inform you that after considering your requests, we have decided that we will continue supporting and developing the form·Z plugin. We estimate that Maxwell 5 for form·Z 8 will be released before the end of the year, and when AutoDesSys launches form·Z 9, we will start developing this plugin for Maxwell 5 too!! Thank you for your patience, understanding and trust. LEARN MORE Now, Maxwell 5 is yours. Now, the time is yours. Be Maxwell 5's campaign image! If you would like to be Maxwell 5's campaign image, send your Maxwell 5 render to: maxwelldesk@nextlimit.com The contestants will be featured on our Social Media every week! Finalists will be featured on Fridays and the winner will be the image of one of Maxwell 5's campaigns! Don't miss this opportunity and send us your work now!
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I love FormZ!!! I'm very impressed with the v9 release. Yes, less "sexy" with more under the hood improvements, but so many were so necessary. I was first taught it in the early 90's in school. I would love to help promote the program as I want to see it succeed. I haven't found another program like it. I explain it to other architects as a love child between SketchUp and Rhino. Speed of SketchUp + power of Rhino. (minus Grasshopper, which would be great to see addressed) Some ideas: Updated YouTube channel would be great. More short tutorials on how to use each tool. More tutorials on how to produce a specific thing or rendering look. Perhaps guest vlogs with real Z users illustrating how they use the software. An Instagram channel. An improved showcase on the website. Maybe a showreel video each year. All efforts should be targeted at the target users of the program. The more specifically targeted the better. I now teach architecture at the University of Colorado. Happy to help implement there if I can in some way. SketchUp, Rhino, AutoCAD (hard to believe anyone still teaches this), and REVIT dominate. I don't have any input into the software options students use, but if there is a way to get a foothold there I would do it. Perhaps if someone from Autodessys came out for a free training for students I could help facilitate that. It may be hard to convince the faculty given Z's small market share currently, but maybe they just don't know how great it is. Most of the faculty still think of it as a program from the 1990's and can't believe I still use it. sadly. This year I finally have my work in order to start producing some great renderings and animation! The more we can produce as users the more Z has to work with. Hopefully I can start pulling my weight.
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    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all 🙂 Tradition (without fail) since 1997, the FormZ modeled season's greetings card: Bernd
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    Lumion plugin

    lumion imports many file formats.....unless its a live plugin it doesn't make much difference we have no issue using fz (mac) models in lumion , basically the same as using sketchup/lumion without live link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcsdy6Dzliw
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    Example Images

    Here is a simple composite I just did. The AC unit is a photo, the mounting hardware is what we sell here at our company. I do a lot of stuff like this. Disclaimer... the AC part is a Getty Image that my company purchased the rights to, so please don't use this image for any reason.
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    Are there any future updates for FormZ?

    Hello, Though we aren't directly integrated with Unreal, TwinMotion, or Lumion, form•Z files can be exported into various different formats to work in each: Unreal: DWG, FBX, IGES, 3DM, SAT, STEP. TwinMotion: FBX, DAE, DWG Lumion: DAE, FBX, DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ We are working on incorporating BIM information into our importers but currently do not have a timeline for when it will be included. We will support VRay Next shortly after the version 9 release.
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    Example Images

    Rendered with formz vray. I am a CG designer living in Japan and have long used FormZ. I sincerely hope that formz will be compatible with the latest CG technologies such as UE4, twinmotion, Unity, LUMION and Substance.