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Aubrey van Niekerk

Aubrey van Niekerk
My name is Aubrey van Niekerk, and I am a graduate student at Texas Tech University obtaining my Masters degree in Architecture.  I was in Bennett Neiman's Topical Studio and was introduced to formZ to create our final projects for the semester.  The program was great to use, and yielded graphically striking results.

Project Description: The inner workings of a refrigerator generates the origin of a series of iterative design decisions. A sequence of implicit spaces are defined and realized, traced and diagrammed. Implications of thick and thin, inside and outside, within and without are determined in figurative drawings that then inform physical reliefs, further developing the nature of the sequence. Layers are formed, pushed and pulled creating spaces in between and are framed and supported. Finally, these elements already defined are multiplied, stretched and distorted to become mechanics that create a new whole. A tower comprised of the history of the iterative process with a new identity and direction. Transparent volumes are introduced to encapsulate intricacies, some of which are further defined by bold color. With each step building off of the previous, we arrive at a new sequence of spaces, enriched by its own creative process.  
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