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Nicholas Reachi
The driving idea behind this composition is layered complexity and tectonic relationships. The layering of spatial arrangements of linear elements allows secondary and tertiary readings. Overlaid linear elements establish explicit and implicit spatial boundaries. The composition is viewed from multiple directions. By applying a reflective material for the tower, the visual relationships of overlapping and interacting members are increased to allow an abstracted reading of the information available within the tower. Cleaving reflections are contrasted with matte and colored elements to highlight members that are continuous from one end of the tower to the other. This creates a physical continuity that grounds the composition, allowing for a more recognizable reading across different viewing angles. What is hidden within the tower reflects several times across multiple surfaces. The effect creates a visually complex composition of multiple layers of information.
Intro_Text : My name is Nicholas Reachi, age 25 and a graduate student of architecture at Texas Tech University. I enjoy the technical aspect of architecture just as much as the artistic, and like to explore the the physical and psychological nature of uncomfortable spaces in my work while maintaining a project's functionality and habitability. This project was created for a graduate studio focused on constructed improvisational design using FormZ as a primary modeling and exploration tool, working on an architectural composition freed from the constraints of program and site.
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