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Muayad Kaki
Form Z was the first 3D software that i learned in the university. i was able to design simple housing units at the building and large complex buildings only 2 years later. Dhahran Business School Is my latest project using form z which is also the most organic and complex project i did. Form Z 8.5 made what seemed to be impossible to only applying whats in my imagination by using the subdivision toll.
Also form z enabled me to crate some nice architectural drawings.

In this project there where 3 main functions housing administration/academic and commercial. the idea was to crate three different masses each one will contain a function and a forth mass which is the plinth containing the services. Using the technique of tangent surfaces will minimize the connection area between the masses which will define the masses from inside and the out side also it will create the privacy for each function.

One of the main elements of the design was the atrium. the first thing you see when you inter the building is the atrium which is only covering the academic part also the commercial part is near the main entrance to all people from out side the school to enjoy the experience of the building without disturbing the school.
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