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Abdulrahman Aljohani

Abdulrahman Aljohani
We started using software in the second year by practicing different design softwares. I found that form•Z gives you a strong fast performance by having a strong modeling tools and techniques, architectural drawing and fast decent render, I can say form•Z is a one man show software.


The requirement of this project is to combine two functions in one building, Architect office and his own house.
The distribution of the building masses was based on compatibility of both functions, therefore there are three soft masses combined with a harsh one which represent the circulation and the bond for the building.

This design is responding for two main factors. The first is taking consideration of the site analysis ( sun direction, accessibility, positive an negative views). And the second one is give a clear identity to an architect office by manipulate with facade and its irregular shape that easily I can treat it using form•Z rather than other softwares.


Second project/student housing
AS a student housing we are targeting to achieve an isolated and secured environment with a social interactive .

The potential is behind a courtyard concept to achieve these main goals .

In addition we are attending to create more conservative environment with sustainable material and technique.

Site response :
•Manipulate with the unite heights to minimise the exposed area to the sun (South).
• Blocking the South facade, orient the openings toward the North
• Provide the access in left side, as it is easer for vehicles.
•Provide wide openings toward the good winds and block the unwanted.
• Create a conservative environment by having a small water body, white coating and provide greenery spaces.
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