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Katie Eastman
My name is Katie Eastman and I recently earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture degree at Ohio University in the spring of 2015, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude! At OU I also focused in graphic design, video game development, real estate and other areas of fine art. Throughout my schooling and free time, I enjoy experimenting and creating with different mediums and searching for new programs to teach myself. I have always been intrigued by digital art, especially those utilizing 3D modeling and animation. With formZ I have been able to explore ideas and visually communicate my designs clearly and well-rendered.

FormZ was the main program used in the Interior Architecture studios at Ohio U. This project was created in order for students to teach themselves formZ through the process of making objects. By thinking out-of-the-box, these 3d mechanical pieces could then be arranged in ways to create conceptual environments and spaces within spaces. Although this project was a crash course in formZ, it ended up being one of my most unique projects that I am proud of! Besides this submission, I also utilized formZ on multiple other projects including a bar/restaurant and art gallery!
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