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Alexander Gogl

I love formZ for the convenience (and power!) of its tools and interchangeability. I use it for quick design studies in architecture, urban design, furniture design, object design, and exhibition design.

When I started studying architecture in Innsbruck I used to draw with Rhino3D, but changed to formZ when I had the feeling that progress was slowing down with Rhino. I was pleased to get my hands on a software where one can construct and model likewise. I am happy that there was a lot of progress in the development of formZ the last years.

Today I have the impression that I am still the only one who uses formZ at my university. More and more of the other students are using Rhino3D because it has a scripting plugin (grasshopper) that has a good interface and is even for people with no coding experience easy to work with. Also teachers and older students actively promote the use of Rhino and give free trainings.

This makes me kind of sad, because here, nobody really seems to appreciate the quality of formZ as a modeling and construction software capable of a lot of things. Yes, it does come short in terms of scripting, but maybe in the near future scripting will become more user-friendly in formZ too?

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