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Williams, Craig

Williams, Craig
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Salisbury, Maryland


“As an architect who has been using form•Z as a design tool throughout my career, I have found form•Z to be an indispensable element of the architectural, construction, and furniture design aspects of my business. I have utilized form•Z to create everything from paperclips to 16 story buildings. I value form•Z for its ability to combine creativity with accuracy - promoting innovation in thought and design. When the design process is finished, form•Z facilitates the break down of complex designs for ease of construction in the field.

form•Z has helped me to both realize my own ideas, and broaden the lines of communication between clients and myself. A concept can be virtually ‘sketched’ within the software right from the beginning phases of design. Client feedback becomes interactive - since they can be involved at any point of the design development. Having such a strong presentation tool illustrates thoughts so efficiently, clients cannot help but understand my intentions. This alone has been instrumental in pushing the design envelope.”


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