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Thinking Outside the Square, Inc.

Thinking Outside the Square, Inc.
Jamie Radford
Buffalo, New York


Thinking Outside the Square, Inc. is a 3D design/build firm focusing on retail spaces, interpretive and museum environments, and trade show exhibits.

“Since our projects are a blend of disciplines, architectural, interior and graphic design, we need a tool that is just as diverse. form•Z allows us to create anything imaginable in addition to giving the client an accurate picture of the end result before any commitment is made.

I have been working with form•Z for about 3 years, but was formally trained in Alias Wavefront, I’ve found that form•Z is much easier to use. Originally, I would build models in form•Z then post render in Adobe Photoshop, but as I’ve become more proficient I’ve realized almost all of my work can be completed within form•Z. Unlike traditional design firms, in many cases the design is not finalized before the model is started, since form•Z is such a fluid program most revisions can easily be made in a short amount of time. The ease of integration with other software and platforms is a great feature as well. It is an excellent complement to our work.”
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