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Rush, Richard W.

Rush, Richard W.
Architectural Illustration
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


"As an architect specializing in architectural illustration services, I began using form•Z RenderZone exclusively for all modeling and rendering work as soon as it became available on Windows. form•Z's incredible scope of capabilities and refinement assures me that the only limitations on what I can accomplish is my abilities and not the software. AutoDesSys, on a regular basis, manages to find ways of expanding form•Z's capabilities in areas that I could not have even imagined and at the same time responds to suggestions from users. It is the close communication that the company maintains with its users that I think is responsible for much of the refinement of form•Z. When I need technical assistance, their knowledgeable people are readily available by telephone - not hidden behind a wall of automated answering devices, voice mail, and placement on hold. Since no software exists in a vacuum, the large and expanding number of import/export formats allows me to work easily with 2D/3D files from outside sources, and to export files that can be used by others. Over the years of using form•Z I have literally allowed my livelihood to depend on this software and the company behind it, and they never let me down."
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