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Ropek, Rafe

Ropek, Rafe
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Berthoud, Colorado


"My work takes me in two directions. I am a sculptor who creates large scale public art projects. These works can be seen at www.ropek.net. I use form•Z as a design tool as well as a visualization tool for final presentation of the work. There is nothing better than being able to show a client exactly what they are going to get. form•Z allows me the flexibility to render whatever I conceive. I am also a 3D computer artist, this being a media of which I have just been scratching the surface. My work here has been used in advertising and entertainment. My website, www.3Dmental.com has much of my computer art. I love the power of form•Z. It is satisfying to come up with an idea and be able to create it very smoothly."

Modeled and rendered in form•Z RenderZone.

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