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Richard, Pierre M.

Richard, Pierre M.
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Powder Springs, Georgia


"In the exhibit industry speed is truly more essential than in other design disciplines because we work strictly on speculative design. If the job does not sell we do not get paid for design. Here is where form•Z really excelled. I have seen the work of some of the people I have taught only a couple of weeks later and been truly amazed. form•Z makes even the most amateur designers look seasoned. form•Z is so intuitive that you begin to design on the computer directly instead of using the software just as a means of presentation. Designing on form•Z allows me to truly work in the round, rather than flying around in my mind's eye and hoping it translates to paper later.

So, in closing, I thank you all. As auto•des•sys moves onward I am happy and proud to continue this journey with you into the future."


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