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Reynolds, Richard

Reynolds, Richard
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Malibu, California


"I've changed my career focus since I started working with form•Z. Being an Art Director required lots of coordination - making sure information was getting to all the designers, ensuring the progress of workflow. Since using form•Z, though, I've discovered my passion. It has allowed me to enthusiastically embrace drawing up set designs."

Currently, Reynolds is hard at work on the upcoming sure-to-be blockbuster Terminator 3, using form•Z for the previsualization of the film's entire set. This is no easy process. "The previsualization of a set requires repeated iterations. Often times the design will be OK'd by the Art Director, the Production Director, then it gets all the way up to the construction crew...and someone changes their mind. You have to start all over again. We usually end up creating four to ten versions of a set before we can settle into something that everyone's happy with."

Because of this, form•Z has become integral to Reynolds' success.

"I now work exclusively in form•Z. It has greatly expanded my abilities to present sets in a variety of formats in a short amount of time. When using traditional media in the past, I could only produce one rendering of a set in the same amount of time it takes to produce ten in form•Z! form•Z has made me more valuable to my art department."

After completing the previsualization of a film's set, Reynolds uses form•Z's drafting capabilities to create drafts from which a construction crew builds a set.

"Most people in this business are heavily trained in AutoCAD. They're usually stunned to see that I can create such high quality drafts in form•Z. With other applications, it's a pain to continually export and import files into different formats. Files are constantly passed back and forth between designers, directors, and construction crews. To put it into perspective, I've already created 8 drafts for the set of Terminator 3 that have made it to the construction crew and have been sent back at the last minute. form•Z is great for me because it allows me to keep the drafting and modeling files together, avoiding any problems or confusion."


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