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Orth Furniture

Orth Furniture
Oak Park, Illinois


"Orth Furniture was founded in 1976 and specializes in building residential furniture, liturgical and ceremonial objects, and designs for the furniture industry. My process is in equal parts digital design, small shop production methods, and medieval handwork. I was introduced to form•Z while teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and it has now become an integral part of our process from beginning to end. form•Z enables me to explore and communicate fresh, occasionally outlandish, ideas in furniture design with convincing effect. Because the quality of the renderings is rich and satisfying, form•Z is a perfect complement to our highly crafted wood, metal, and glass products. For years I did what I could to render my concepts by traditional 2D means, whereas by nature I am a 3D designer/builder with only moderate ability as an illustrator. Now form•Z enables me to work in my area of expertise as a (virtual) builder and yet attain a persuasive 2D output. I love having to tell a prospective client for the second or third time that a form•Z modeled concept has not yet been built. But form•Z is much more than presentation. From the very beginning of the design process the form•Z display modes, view parameter controls, and navigational tools give me accurate spatial feedback and confidence in what I am seeing on the screen."
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