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Macey Noyes Associates

Macey Noyes Associates
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Wilton, Connecticut


Macey Noyes Associates is a Graphic Design firm that specializes in brand building and consumer packaging. They have helped strengthen such noted brands as Motorola, Hostess, Duracell, Nivea, Holly Farms, Iomega, Norelco, as well as a few others over the past 20 years.
"We have been using form•Z to develop virtual concepts of products, packaging and merchandising systems, to visualize how things might look before bringing them to production. We use form•Z for model generations and also as a presentation tool for our clients. Some of our illustrations are for production purposes, others are used for materials such as sales brochures and print collateral. form•Z has been an invaluable addition to the way we work, allowing us to develop products, packaging and merchandising systems before production, which adds up to monetary efficiencies and the ability to refine and streamline our products in ways that would otherwise not be possible."


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