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Los Angeles Times

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Los Angeles, California


"These two images are both informational graphics that I did in form•Z and, after rendering in RenderZone, brought them into Photoshop for minor detail work and color correction. I then took them into Macromedia Freehand where they were assembled with text and headlines for placement in newspaper layouts. I have found form•Z to be a very strong program, once you learn how to use it, which may take some time. For certain projects the results are faster and by far superior to what I can do in Freehand and Photoshop, our main graphic tools here at The Times. The flexibility to reuse a graphic, such as the Kursk submarine, is an important element that a 3D modeling program offers. At a newspaper this is crucial since stories often evolve over time. The ability to reuse a graphic element from a different angle or at a different size is important."

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