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Kingswood Studio

Kingswood Studio
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Rick Blakey
Manchester, England


“I am a freelance illustrator working mainly in Advertising. I have been working as such for more years than I can remember, originally producing airbrush and line technical illustrations by hand and latterly by computer. I dabbled with a few 3D programmes without much enthusiasm before I discovered form•Z. I tried a demo version and actually said “wow” on seeing the first render - what the subject was I don’t remember, a chrome sphere I expect- since then I haven’t looked back!
I confess I employ form•Z a great deal more than I anticipated, using it for product concepts, exhibition stands, architectural work and general all round illustration work. I often use it in preference to sketching by hand for many perspectives and objects, using the wireframe/hidden line image as a basis for Adobe Illustrator vector work. Surprisingly I have learnt a lot from the renders it creates and find I am able to produce illustrations in 2D packages with more realism than before. Alongside Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop it is now an ‘essential piece of kit’ in my graphic toolbox. During any spare time at work I try to have a personal 3D project in progress, more often than not of used/dirty subjects which I find more challenging and a change from the clean shiny examples which my clients normally require.”


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