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  2. ¢hris £und

    NURBS or SubD?

    I Have used tangent loft quite extensively and works well for me. In fact, I would consider it one of the most useful tools. if you can't get it to work, then use the NURBS blend as you did, but only on the top and sides. Use the N-bounds tool to fill the fillets. below, is something like what you are attempting, using the Tangent-Loft. File attached too. Cap-not to scale.fmz
  3. AsOne

    type input bug

    working for me on Mac 10.14.5 Unless you pan the screen or drop a guideline, then the input field is no longer highlighted. An error I've been trying to get corrected since v7 beta!
  4. Shibui Design

    Maxwell 5.1 Released!

    Hi Andrew, I have not yet upgraded to V5 so I'm not in a position to comment about any issues. I also have not been swayed by the added GPU feature in Maxwell since my three machines do not have much GPU power. I've decided to keep mostly to CPU rendering for now. I have no appetite at present to invest in hardware. Maxwell version 4 is quite stable and performing well for me. On occasion, MXED fails to allow selections within dialog boxes, but that's an intermittent bug. I definitely understand the speed bottleneck and trying to push out renders, make changes, re-render and keep clients happy. My business serves a few different markets: 1. Museum exhibits, 2. Events & Trade Shows, 3. Interiors (mostly churches and rarely exteriors). I use mostly Maxwell for interiors because I can dictate what the timelines are and there are rarely change requests. I've been able to manage getting clean renders in anywhere from 2-4 hours. Sometimes it takes significantly longer, but within a 24 hour timeframe (rendering overnight) I can often get 5-6 nice rendered views done. One recent project is really frustrating because the renders were taking 20 hours each to get clean results. That one did come back for changes and just today I started cooking revised renders and they are coming out pretty clean in 2.5 hours. I suspect I had a white material using r255, g255, b255! The other factor allowing this to work is that my "Render Beast" is simply a slave computer; not my everyday work machine. I design and model on a current Macbook Pro and offload over a network to the Render Beast, which is a 2014 Mac Pro. This allows me to continue design and modeling while renders happen in the background without hogging resources. If I had the tech appetite (I don't) I could try to set up a distributed network rendering using one or two other machines in the office to speed things up. I tried it once and gave up. Why should it be so difficult?? I was very excited when Vray plugin for FormZ became available. I purchased it and tried to use it and was immediately frustrated with the integration. It's not even up to par with SketchUp's interface and more clunky, IMHO. I'm also a C4D user and have become enamored over its thoughtful and nicely designed user interface. I use C4D mostly for Events/Trade Show work for specific reasons. 1. C4D's native Physical Render is good and can be fast. I've purchased some plugins which make the workflow extremely productive. 2. Vray's integration with C4D is very good! Within the C4D environment I'm able to generate nice (enough) looking renderings quickly. Most render in 5 minutes or less. Sometimes I have to bump up to 10-15 minutes to get clean renders. The penalty is the time to set up lighting and cameras. This week, I needed to get high quality renders done quickly and my choice was C4D & Vray. It took me a full day just to get the cameras and lighting and render settings set up to get good results. Perhaps I need a better understanding of Vray but I've been using it for about 4 years, just not on a daily basis. I've experimented with it extensively and have come to the conclusion that it just takes a long time tweaking settings to get good results! I've tried many times to use C4D/Vray for the interior work and have set off down that path. I will tweak and adjust cameras, materials, lights, etc for a few hours, look at the results and then give in to Maxwell. I know that without fussing about I can have the renders cooking in the background and have beautiful images while I'm working on the next project! I find even the best Vray renders don't match the light bounce and fine shadows that Maxwell produces. The REAL BONUS with Maxwell is Multilight! I know this doesn't address your specific interest in GPU with Maxwell, rather it's simply my brain dump on Maxwell and Vray. Interested to read experiences from other users out there!
  5. vva

    RenderZone in 8.5.7 Pro is missing

    I suppose you have not checked the " I agree to the terms....." in both dialogs vva
  6. Today
  7. Andrew West

    vray image autosave

    I can verify that V-ray autosave does not work in V9. Furthermore, for some reason I was experiencing very long render times with it turned on. Once I turned it off everything was 100 times faster which I find totally strange. It is also worth noting that displacement no longer works and can lead to some very strange results and crashes. One other important note for those of you using V9 is that you can not leave your material parameters palette open all the time. If you do you can no longer right click on a material in the material palette. I also find that closing the inspector palette helps as well. Next issue is with bump maps in the V-ray palette: from time to time my texture maps disappear in Shaded view once the material has a bump map in the V-ray slot. Eliminating the bump map and re opening the program makes the maps appear again. Once you get your maps properly aligned you can add the bump map back in again for your final render. I hope this helps people who are struggling a bit with the latest release. All in all I am very happy with it but it still needs some work.
  8. SJD

    NURBS or SubD?

    thanks snow yes, I have tried that method and whilst it seems to work sometimes it seems a bit hit and miss depending on the shape that I difference from the main object. If I angle the sides or taper them I get error messages. I was hoping there might be a more accurate and reliable way to do it
  9. jeffgrune

    RenderZone in 8.5.7 Pro is missing

    The Register menu item is grayed. The FormZ application is registered as it was before, but not RenderZone. I don't see any way to register it.
  10. Andrew West

    Maxwell 5.1 Released!

    To all, I was a regular Maxwell user for several years until V-ray came out with their plugin. I own both but I found that to make an actual living I needed the speed of V-ray even if it meant I had to give up the quality and flexibility of Maxwell. In a perfect world those two companies would combine forces and make a program that had the best features of each. But that is not reality. Recently I have becoming increasingly frustrated with the material editor in V-ray and how the materials integrate with Form.z. I have experienced enough issues that I am considering switching back to Maxwell again. However, there is still the issue of speed. To my point now, what has been your experience with the new GPU rendering with the new release and what upgrades to your systems did you have to make in order to take advantage of this?. Are you stacking several $1K cards? Have the speeds been cut in half or more? What kind of projects are you working on for reference? I read a lot of posts on the forum and it seemed like there were a lot of issues and I am also curious if these have been largely resolved? Thanks Andrew
  11. ZTEK

    RenderZone in 8.5.7 Pro is missing

    You can re-register your copy of RenderZone in the plugin tab on Register... under the Help menu. This screenshots are from 8.6.5 but in 8.5.7 is the same. Of course, as Andrew says... you need the RenderZone serial number which, as you can see on my screenshots, is different from the number of formZ.
  12. Andrew West

    RenderZone in 8.5.7 Pro is missing

    Jeff When you got your FMZ registration codes they came with two sets of numbers. One for form.z and one for Renderzone. If you have a license for Renderzone and can't find the email link for it then contact Tech and they will resend it.
  13. Studio-Swaim

    Will a solid state drive speed up saving large files?

    Reading through this thread, Does any one have any good suggestions for SSD brand? Justin, it looks like you thumbs up the PCIe route over the SATA. Do any of you have brand and model preferences for optimal performance (MacPro 2010). Aside from saving files faster, what other areas will I see boosted with a SSD? I assume it will help speed up opening FZ. When we went to v9 it now takes forever to open vs the earlier versions. Our world of instant gratification.... Time is sanity, and money.
  14. snow

    NURBS or SubD?

    try starting with a large cylinder for the cap and a small cylinder for the notch and boolean difference the two objects. then use rounding to make the corners nice and soft.
  15. SJD

    NURBS or SubD?

    Hi I'm trying to get to grips with more complex modelling tools in FZ 8.6. I'm trying to construct something similar to the cosmetic bottle in the picture. I've used Subdivisions for the main shape but have found it difficult to construct the cap accurately with the same method so I am trying to use NURBS surfaces for this task. I've read that SubD's are great for concepts and more sculpted forms but NURBS are better for more accurate representations like product design. I've watched many of the FZ tutorials and have settled on this method but I'm still having trouble. Specifically, it's the indent in the cap (circled) - it looks so simple. I've managed to create the models in many of the tutorials without any problems so I must be missing something! The images just show some basic tests - I have created a basic cylinder and converted it to a NURBS surface. I've then created 2 options - a half circle indent and then a rounded square (more like the result I want). I then slice the profiles into the caps and try to loft or blend between the resulting shapes. The circle is fine but it's the square version I can't manage. I've also tried cutting a similar shape into a solid object and then using the rounding tool but again, no success. As always, any help would be greatly appreciated 😀
  16. I think what you are suggesting would be a cool feature! There is an image tab in the hatch options palette but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to load an image. One nice thing about the hatch feature is that the .pat hatching is converted to vector lines in HL.
  17. I had to reinstall FormZ 8.5.7 Pro from archives after a hard drive failure. It seems like everything is there, but now RenderZone is missing from Display Options. I have tried reinstalling it from a fresh downloaded copy, but the app says my trial copy has expired. That probably goes back years to when I was trying it out. There was never a dialog for entering the serial number. How can I enter the registration when it quits?
  18. Thanks Setz, it has been moved to object base, not material base. There are some good points by doing this, but I actually prefer material base better.
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  20. allanjl


    Hi Support, I suppose this newer release has some minor fixes. Could you please tell us a bit about it?
  21. Last week
  22. Select the object or objects you would like to have hatches show in the clipping plane. In Tool Options Palette choose the Cross Section Tab. Open the Hatch Palette and drag the desired Hatch from it into the Selected Hatch Option box. It should show a plus-sign cursor and assign that hatch. Note in the attached images that while an object is selected, the hatch in the cross section does not show up. Hope this is what you were describing and that this helps. Oh, and be sure that Show Hatches is checked in the Display Options for each of the display modes you want it to show with; Wireframe, Shaded Work, Shaded Full, and Hidden Line.
  23. Thank you, but actually I am looking for assigning hatch, Judy like the video What’s new in FormZ 7, not colors. So I can hatch concrete, wood, metal, etc, it was used to be in materials.
  24. Have gone back to using multi view windows and had a quick reminder why I stopped using this feature. When the cursor moves over the window it automatically selects the window. This is a cool feature but if you want to work in one of the lower windows and decide to change the view or change the display from wire to shaded this is a tough task, as the cursor moves over the upper displays they get selected and thus changed but not the lower window. I was wondering if anyone has a work around for this problem? Or if changing windows could be a key stroke that froze a selection? Thanks
  25. walo54

    Set View Jerky

    I have a feeling that my post is similar to the post "Picked object while rotating the model causes the movement to become jumpy". What I have found is that I do not have this problem when I use a 3D Connexion Space Mouse. However, I don not wish to carry the heavy Space Mouse with me when travelling. Any ideas?
  26. These are very helpful, thanks so much
  27. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Indeed it does. But with a little bit of work this is the end result. There were dozens of color tweaks and some dodge and burn which were made pretty easy by isolating those materials.
  28. Jaakko

    WEIRD SCIENCE FEM Solver leg modeled in form.Z

    Very good indeed!
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