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Lotus Bag

Product Design

Lotus Bag

"I drew the Lotus bag as a demonstration of what can be achieved with form•Z in terms of realistic looking soft and organic shapes. The main part of the bag was created as one single nurbz object. This allowed me to move and bend the top to make it much more natural looking. I found that although the object I had made was very complicated, using the form•Z nurbz tool afforded me the freedom to mould the shape more artistically. In this sense it is more like doing a still life than a technical drawing. form•Z allows you to really pay attention to the way the fabric would fall as if you were sketching with a pencil and the finished image looks much more natural. The mesh effect was created by adapting one of the textures that is shipped with form•Z. I made a couple of alpha channels from the texture and used them as a transparency map and a bump map. The texture was applied using parametric mapping, which resulted in a believable looking mesh."