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GSA Daycare


GSA Daycare

Christopher Diehl, Director of Design; John Selby, Project Manager; Doug Myers, Project Architect; Bradford Watson and Richard Danicic, Design, form•Z; Kristine Carvaines, Design Team

Upon approaching the Celebrezze federal office tower, a starkly modern and stainless steel clad skyscraper built in 1963, your eyes go to the top of its 30 stories. As they sweep down the sheer facades, one spies a gently curving and softly landscaped plane hovering above a plaza which is defined by manicured fields of green grass. Beneath this garden roof, which seems to have been lifted above its cousins, children play, sleep, and create. This intensely urban site has been modified to create a quiet space for the care of children whose parents work in the tower above. Docked to the tower's south side, it occupies the plaza above the parking deck. The garden roof, landscaped as a butterfly garden, defines the area for the daycare below, which is arranged in a free plan spirit. The classrooms are connected to the Lake Erie sky through various large cylindrical skylights that puncture the roof.