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Bunker, John

London, England

Film Production Designer

"Jon Bunker has been working in the film industry for nearly thirty years and has been a Film Production Designer for a number of successful films, including Vertical Limit and Gladiator. With a background in architecture and illustration, he worked as an aircraft designer and an architect before settling on a career behind the silver screen. Aside from his current role as Film Production Designer, he has also experienced other aspects of movie-making as a special effects supervisor and as a director. "A lot of people don't realize how much thought goes into all of the little things. You would be surprised at the trivia it is necessary to think about: Which way does a door open? How far to walk across to say a line? How are the SFX going to work? And on and on... Generally, when a director decides to film a script, he will ask me to come up with artistic interpretations based on the feel, style, and specific script requirements. This is all tempered, of course, with my meetings with the producer, who expects me to stay within the budget!"

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