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Yazdanseta, Farzam

University of Maryland

Project name: Public Radio International

Twenty-first century media is filled with lies and deception. News conglomerates force their biases by filtering the truth and as a result, heighten the chaos and conflict in the world of politics. Public Radio International is a result of the multiplicity of cultural conflicts that come together at the context of District of Columbia, a zone filled with political chaos and imbalance. Public Radio International is a space of contention where both its private and public realm are tasked to bring together confl icting political viewpoints.

Public Radio International uses two confl icting physical geometries of District of Columbia and cultural and the never-ending political imbalance existent in the District, nation, and the world to establish its architectural language. These constant multiple forces fragment and deconstruct the landscape of Washington D.C. to contextualize the site in order to embed the building as part of the landscape.

Public Radio International overcomes the speed of the world of news and media by establishing a transient architectural language. Fragmented pieces are in constant motion to demonstrate a dynamic environment to encourage contentious debates aimed at revealing the truth.

This project was done in an advanced elective design studio that has been positioned in the curriculum for the student that wants to further explore digital design/media through computer modeling and digital representation and provides an opportunity for graduate students from different studios to collaborate. In this course digital design media is understood not simply as a tool for visualization but as a generative design tool and process for the derivation of form and its development/transformation. This is intended as a special topics course that evolves and varies with each faculty member and their particular research interests.

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